I have had a lifelong fascination with peoples’ internal lives – who they are to themselves, their complexities, their strengths.  Why do people do the things they do – or don’t do.  What do they hope for themselves, what do they fear, what do they yearn for? What roles have luck and synchronicity played?  Life lessons learned?  Such great stories each person has about how they`ve experienced their life.  It is a privilege that so many share with me, and so I try to write respectfully, thoughtfully of each.

Now, because of the magic of technology, I’m writing on a global scope – which is really daunting to think that Jane Austen couldn`t have conceived of such an audience.  However, this website is purely about a local community – the people who foster the blues music in the Canadian province of British Columbia’s capital city Victoria.  I`m sure there’s lots of learning and sharing that applies equally to any other community too.  And, one day soon I mean to begin an extensive road trip to follow the paths to where are the other people who remember passion, who share love –and this wonderful music that slips inside the blood and bones, heart and soul.

So, who am I?  I am a single woman of sensitive years accumulated.  None of my paths in life have been straight-forward or easy – and sometimes that’s been the fate of it, but other times because I’m purposefully following  my curiosity, or finding out what else I need to learn in my intimate private self regarding the meaning of life.  For an ordinary woman, I`ve had the fortune of extraordinary experiences.  This past year has been a fascinating journey of finding this music, and discovering Victoria’s diverse and very active blues music community.  I have the unique privilege of being able to write about it all without being a musician or music expert which may seem odd for a music journalist.  My voice I think is uniquely feminine in a genre and industry which is highly male-focused. 

Some other time I’ll introduce myself more personally, perhaps as a member of this community rather than it’s observer commentator and biographer.






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